SMM 015 | Start, Stop, Pivot and Start Again

In today’s episode Carol shares the importance of being resilient – and to keep on working towards your end goal, no matter what. All of us are facing our own personal challenges that we are trying hard to overcome. Carol reveals that most of the start, stop and just give up hope…never to start again. You will learn about Carol’s own personal struggle to achieve her weight loss goals – which she started documenting 10 years back in 2007.

We discuss the importance of finding support in likeminded peers, which can help you overcome challenges – and propel you towards your goal. You will learn about the three phases of decision making – inception, deception, and transformation. Unfortunately, most of us are unable to get over the deception phase that is necessary for achieving life-changing transformation. Carol wisely points out that it is only natural for excitement to wane over a period of time. The tough part is learning how to pivot out of this low phase. Tune in to discover how togetherness can help you overcome your lowest lows to find the true magic within you.

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