SMM 039 | The Power of Network Marketing When Done Right

In today’s show Carol talks about a topic that is really close to her heart – network marketing. Carol attempts to correct the powerful misconception that the average person has pertaining to network marketing. You will learn how powerful and influential people have resorted to network marketing for creating a residual stream of income.

Carol kick starts this show by urging listeners to hear her with an open mind. You will learn how network marketing helped Carol achieve financial stability after her divorce in 2011. How did Carol manage to achieve a 6 figure income within 6 months as a part of a multi-level marketing organization? And why did she soon quit right after? You will learn the distinction between multi-level and network marketing and why Carol prefers the later over the former.

Unlike other professions, Carol clarifies that you do not have to work harder to make more money as a network marketer. We also discuss how rising expenses and the onset of automation has made it critical for everyone to generate residual streams of income. Tune in to hear some frank insights from our unapologetic host!

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