SMM 024 | Don’t Let Others Dictate Your Life

In today’s episode, Carol discusses how stopping other people from controlling your life will allow you to rediscover the magic within you. Carol shares how a majority of people are just interested in pulling you down. Allowing these people to control your life prevents you from realizing your full potential. Carol stresses the need to […]

SMM 023 | Michelle Armstrong | How To Deal With Major Shifts

In this episode, Carol interviews Michelle Armstrong, a renowned spiritual healer who helps people navigate through life with greater ease. Michelle shares some great ways via which you can deal with major SHIFTS which threaten to derail the course of your life. You will learn the importance of maintaining a purposeful demeanor for getting through […]

SMM 022 | Shauna Ireland | The Power Of Tapping Into Your Intuition

Shauna Ireland, Co-Founder of  Ireland and Hall, is a mentor friend. I met her in a little event for women entrepreneur, she was with me on the table with badass entrepreneur exchanging ideas. In just about 25 seconds, she put together a package for me and the rest, as they say, is history. In today’s […]

SMM 021 | When You Want To Give Up – Listen To This!

Have you ever wanted to give up and didn’t know how you can push on? It’s ok. I have been there many times. In workouts, in business and sometimes in life. In today’s mini-episode, I want to share with you how successful people hang in and refuse to quit – no matter how difficult the […]

SMM 019 | How to Cultivate and Maintain Human Connections

In this short but powerful video, Carol discusses how we need to relearn the art of cultivating and maintaining human friendships. Carol was inspired to talk on this topic after a phone conversation with her network marketing peer. This conversation forced Carol to contemplate how human relationships have diminished in relevance – partly due to […]

SMM 018 | Audrey Moss | The Art Of Receiving MORE

In this episode, Carol interviews Audrey Moss, a network marketing specialist who is helping women gravitate towards their confident selves. Audrey reveals the mindset and values necessary for getting “More” from life. This episode is loaded with some wonderful nuggets that are sure to inspire you to put in your best. You will learn how […]

SMM 017 | Keeping Good Habits for Life

In this show, Carol reveals the importance of mastering good habits. A habit shapes your physical and mental being – and while a good habit can lead you to success, a bad one can lead you to ruin. In this powerful show, Carol highlights the importance of constantly striving to cultivate good habits. She points […]

SMM 016 | Danette May | The Rise Of Self Love And Forgiveness

In this episode, Carol interviews Ameria’s leading healthy lifestyle expert, Danette May, a wife, mother, motivational speaker and founder of the “Rise” movement. Danette reveals how you can rise from your pain to discover what you are truly capable of. This episode is loaded with personal anecdotes that will inspire you to face and overcome […]
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