SMM 030 | Julie Ciardi | How To Quit Your 9-5 And Choose Happiness

In this episode, Carol interviews Julie Ciardi, host of the Divorced Mommy podcast. Julie shares the various struggles of going through a divorce and provides some great Tips for overcoming them. This inspiring podcast starts off with Julie sharing some details of her personal life. Why did she choose to quit her high paying corporate […]

SMM 029 | Samantha Skelly | Hungry For Happiness

In this episode, Carol interviews Samantha Skelly, author, podcast host and founder of “Hungry for Happiness”. Samantha shares various routines and habits that can maximize your benefits from personal developments. This show kick starts with Carol quizzing Samantha about her relationship with food. How did Samantha overcome her eating disorder? And what important realizations dawned […]

SMM 028 | Natalie Jill | How To Thrive When You Hit Rock Bottom

In this episode, Carol interviews Natalie Jill, founder, owner, and CEO of Natalie Jill Fitness. Natalie reveals some ways via which you can experience effective fat loss. She also reveals how you can leverage authentic content and smart marketing to build a sustainable online business. How did Natalie motivate herself after finding out that she […]

SMM 027 | How To Manage Massive Growth (Self-Coaching Session)

This impromptu show is about managing success. Carol shares the many challenges that come with managing growth and success and suggests various ways to overcome them. You will discover that fear and anxiety are inevitable when you leap into the unknown and take on bigger stakes and bigger commitments. How does Carol better align herself […]

SMM 025 | Aeryon Ashlie | Overcoming An Eating Disorder And Becoming Enough

Are you afraid to admit that you are struggling with an eating disorder? Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you thought you couldn’t win? This episode is for you. I sat down with Aeryon Bela Ashlie, author of the book Bulimia to Balance. She is a Mother, Fitness Competitor, Trainer, Certified Eating […]

SMM 024 | Don’t Let Others Dictate Your Life

In today’s episode, Carol discusses how stopping other people from controlling your life will allow you to rediscover the magic within you. Carol shares how a majority of people are just interested in pulling you down. Allowing these people to control your life prevents you from realizing your full potential. Carol stresses the need to […]

SMM 023 | Michelle Armstrong | How To Deal With Major Shifts

In this episode, Carol interviews Michelle Armstrong, a renowned spiritual healer who helps people navigate through life with greater ease. Michelle shares some great ways via which you can deal with major SHIFTS which threaten to derail the course of your life. You will learn the importance of maintaining a purposeful demeanor for getting through […]

SMM 022 | Shauna Ireland | The Power Of Tapping Into Your Intuition

Shauna Ireland, Co-Founder of  Ireland and Hall, is a mentor friend. I met her in a little event for women entrepreneur, she was with me on the table with badass entrepreneur exchanging ideas. In just about 25 seconds, she put together a package for me and the rest, as they say, is history. In today’s […]
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